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Weight Loss Superfoods

Weight Loss Superfoods

When it comes to weight loss, not all calories are equal. You can eat 1200 calories of pure sugar and fat, or 1200 calories of nutritionally dense, quality foods and get very different results. Both for weight loss and general health, your goal is to eat higher-quality foods that fuel your body and activate your natural fat burning process – and there are many foods that can help you do that better than others. … read more akademia abramowicza

Losing Those Last 10 Pounds

Losing Those Last 10 Pounds

When you near the end of your weight loss journey and your goal is in sight, you might endure the same experience that many dieters before you have: being stuck with 10 pounds to go and the scale isn’t moving! It’s frustrating for sure, but don’t lose hope yet – there are plenty of strategies that can push you forward and propel you right over that finish line to your goal weight. halluforte

Below are a few of … read more kliknite ovdje

Lose Weight by Eating MORE?

Eating More to Lose Weight

Most people equate eating fewer calories with weight loss, but the more we learn about the body’s fat-burning process, the more we realize how important it is to avoid triggering a starvation response – and one way to do that is by eating more calories, not less. hallu forte orteza

When you don’t ingest enough calories, your body will not only start burning stored fat for fuel, but will also start metabolizing lean muscle mass. That’s why “starvation diets” ultimately … read more hallu forte korektor

How Big is a Portion? Keeping Calories Under Control

How Much is a Portion?

All around the world (and especially in the United States) food portion sizes have grown way out of control. When you eat out at a restaurant, have you noticed the heaping plateful of food they deliver to your table? It’s enough to feed three or four people, not just one. This may not sound like a bad thing to you, because most of us love to eat. Give us lots and lots of … read more http://potenga-tabletki.pl/

Mind Over Fat

Laugh Away the Pounds!

Laughing and Weight Loss

Laughter has long been believed to have great health benefits, like strengthening your immune system, releasing stress, reducing pain, and improving cardiovascular function. But can it help you lose weight? Many experts say yes.

Laughter can encourage weight loss by:

- Burning more calories.

Did you know that laughing raises your heart rate and burns calories? Not enough calories to be considered physical exercise, but at more than one calorie burned per minute, laughter can definitely help … read more

Spirituality & Weight Loss

Spirituality and Weight Loss

Can a spiritual practice help you lose weight? There have been a lot of studies involving people with spiritual and religious beliefs over the years, and the results keep showing something interesting: statistically, believers tend to be happier and healthier than non-believers. But are they thinner too?

To my knowledge no official studies have been done on obesity and spirituality, but there have been studies on illness and spirituality. If you consider obesity and overweight … read more

Exercise & Fitness

Breathe Deeply . . . and Lose Weight?

Breathe Deeply

You’ve probably heard of a lot of “fads” that promise easy weight loss, but breathing deeply has got to be one of the biggest shams, right? Not necessarily!

You see, the act of breathing correctly can actually help your body function more efficiently, which can absolutely help in the process of weight loss. Before you grab a paper bag and start hyperventilating, let’s take a closer look at breathing, how to do it correctly, and why … read more

How Many Calories Can You Burn While Walking?

Calories Burned Walking

Walking is such a simple exercise, but it yields great fitness results when done properly. Before we get into how many calories are burned walking, it’s important to point out that “walking” in this context doesn’t mean a relaxed stroll. In order to burn maximum calories and rev up your metabolism, you’ll need to keep a nice, brisk pace for a certain length of time.

If you do not exercise regularly, please check with your doctor … read more